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Avatar: Business Owner.

Niche: Understand Ideal Client.

Primary Goal: Resonating Communication in Content

Or in a statement form of: I help (Avatar) with (Niche) so they can (Primary Goal)

Send ASAP to…

- Messenger

- Text: Click on number to message me  07799297776

- Email: [email protected].

And for The Subconscious Additions Video yourself answering each of these 9 important questions (can be faceless)

Upload those videos to youtube (unlisted) and simply send me the link.

Brief answers are acceptable and longer responses help me go even deeper!

Say the question out loud then answer, so I know what you are talking about.


What challenges or pain points do you know about your ideal client already?

How does your company provide solutions to these challenges or pain points?

What are the most common objections or concerns raised by your potential customers that you know of?

Describe your ideal client in detail.Are there any specific markets that this can not work or does not work for?

Are there any legal or compliance requirements that must be considered in your marketing materials?

Do you already address these objections or concerns in your marketing materials?

What outcomes or benefits can your ideal client anticipate when using your products or engaging with your services?

What can visitors expect to find on your website / landing page?

🗓 Delivery Timeline:

- Ideal Clients Diary: You can expect the first draft of the first entry in about 3 days. Once you’re happy with that, the remaining 6 entries will be with you within a week!

- The Subconscious Additions (TSA): This deeper dive will be crafted and delivered to you in approximately 10-14 days after you are happy with the first draft.

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We’re thrilled to be part of your journey to deeper understanding and resonating content. 

Remember, this is not just about insights; it’s about creating meaningful connections and making every word of your content count!

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