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Are You Struggling To Connect With Your Clients?

"Discover AI Content That Resonates"

Derived From Your Ideal Clients Diary

' The One Complaint Self-Identifying Message' GPTs

See How We Have Contained AI For Crafting AI Content That Connects on a Deeper Level.

  • Zero in on your audience's core complaint

  • Craft a message that mirror their experiences.

  • Transform your content from seen to felt.

The SI Framework

Known as the Self-Identifying Concept, it is designed to deeply connect with your audience by using relatable stories and feelings.

It's particularly effective because it encourages readers to see their own experiences reflected in the content.

This framework works wonders for creating content that feels personal and engaging, making your audience feel understood on a profound level

How 'The One Complaint SI Message' Works

Step 1

Simply Add Your Avatar and Their Goal.

This ensure direction for the GPTs to find the bespoke complaint that resonates with your ideal client.

Step 2

The complaint of your ideal client is created and ready for you to understand what is getting in the way of your clients success.

Step 3

Let 'The One Complaint SI Message' create your post, ensuring every piece you publish not only reaches but truly speaks to your audience

    Ben Adds Little Tweaks For Big Impact!

  • Ben understands AI is not 100% perfect but knows how to easily tweak a first sentence.

    Ben Plunket - Video Story Teller