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7 Entries of Your Ideal Client's Journey:



Pre-purchase Journey Mapping


For Understanding Your Audience!

How Businesses Are Understanding Their Ideal Client Without A Word Spoken!

Discover Hidden Stories!

Find out their deepest desires, fears, and turning points, and transform your content creation strategy with the input of a diary and AI.

Your Ideal Clients Diary

It's not just a tool; it’s the heartbeat of your content creation, the roadmap to the deepest understanding and most resonant communication with your audience. 

Step into a new dimension of content creation where deep empathy and insightful understanding forge unparalleled connections. 

Be among the businesses who experience this game-changing tool…

Use psychographics to truly knowing your audience and infusing life into your content with your ideal client's diary and AI.

And all you need to get started is know your Avatar, (Ideal Client) Niche (Area You Help Them), And your Ideal Clients Primary Goal. (What do you help them achieve?)

"And I take care of the rest"

  • For example, here's mine…


    Business Owner.


    Understand Ideal Client.

    Primary Goal:

    Resonating Communication in Content.

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  • Discover what it’s like to really know your Ideal Client! 

    - Goes beyond being a mere book.

    - Glimpse into the concealed narratives.

    - Identifying their desires, fears, and motivations.

    - Produce content that truly resonates and strikes a chord.

    - Enhanced trust, positioning you as a relatable leader.

    The core idea!

    The diary takes you on a journey with your ideal client, capturing the pivotal moments of their personal awakening when needing a solution to their problem. 

    Witness firsthand as they move from soul searching to a profound epiphany, recognising their challenges and ignited by a desire for change. 

    This diary serves as a map, spotlighting the key stages of their quest for solutions. 

    By delving into their mindset during this transformative period, you gain a unique perspective, allowing you to craft content that not only resonates but also addresses their deepest needs and aspirations.

    The most exciting part? 


    You can directly integrate your ideal client's diary with Chat GPT for real-time roleplay. 

    This means you can engage with your client precisely when they're seeking your solution...

    Imagine interacting with an eager client who's ready for what you offer. 

    Pose any question, and receive truthful responses rooted in your client's current experiences.

    Here Are The 7 Entries.

    ENTRY 1:

    "Where I'm at: An Intimate Glimpse into My Life's Canvas"

    Dive deep into the present moment. This entry helps you see the full picture of where your ideal client stands in their life right now. It's like opening a window into their everyday world, feeling their highs, lows, and everything in between.

    ENTRY 2:

    "A Moment of Truth: Why the Time for Change is Now"

    Discover the turning point. Understand what's pushing your ideal client towards change. This entry reveals the reasons they feel now is the time to act, and what's at stake if they don't.

    ENTRY 3:

    "Unveiling My Desires: The Passion that Fuels My Ambitions"

    Tap into their heart's truest desires. This entry lets you feel the fire that drives your ideal client, their dreams, hopes, and the goals that keep them awake at night.

    ENTRY 4:

    "Embracing the Abyss: Navigating through My Toughest Challenges"

    Walk with them during their darkest hours. This entry sheds light on the hurdles your ideal client faces. Understand their fears, the obstacles in their path, and the battles they're fighting within.

    ENTRY 5:

    "The Unheard Whispers Within: Unravelling My Hidden Inner Dialogue"

    Peek into their inner thoughts. This entry unveils the quiet conversations your ideal client has with themselves. It's about their doubts, affirmations, and the pep talks they give themselves when no one's around.

    ENTRY 6:

    "Confronting the Shadows: A Catalogue of My Deepest Fears"

    Face their darkest fears. This entry pulls back the curtain on the things that terrify your ideal client the most. It's a deep dive into their insecurities, anxieties, and the nightmares they wish to overcome.

    ENTRY 7:

    "Through the Looking Glass of Time: Reflecting on Moments that Made Me"

    Walk down memory lane. This entry lets you journey through the pivotal moments that shaped your ideal client. It's a trip back in time, revisiting the experiences that made them who they are today.

    Just imagine the insights you can gain from reading a diary that specifically belongs to your Ideal Client, in your Niche, for the problem you solve.

    Unlock Profound Insights – Secure Yours Now!

    Unlock the door to a new level of understanding and connection.

    With the Diary and AI, you’re not just getting insights; you’re discovering the heartbeat of your audience’s journey. 

    Don’t miss the chance to transform your content and build trust like never before. 

    Get your Diary and start your journey to truly understanding impactful insights!

    Got Questions?

    We’ve Got Answers!

    Is this diary specific to one type of business?


    No, the Diary is versatile!

    Whether you’re in e-commerce, coaching, or any other field, understanding your client’s journey is key to solving their problem.

    The insights you gain can be applied to any industry!


    “I’m intrigued, but the diary seems quite intricate. Can I really decipher it?”


    Absolutely, and we’ve got you covered!


    We understand that your Ideal Client's Diary is rich in depth and detail, which is why we provide comprehensive training to help you decipher it. 


    It’s like having a translator for your ideal customer’s

    thoughts and feelings!


    With our guidance, you’ll not only interpret the diary with ease but also extract invaluable insights as if your Ideal Client is right there with you, sharing their journey.


    How deep do the insights go?


    We’re talking deep!

    The diary captures the pivotal moments of realisation and desire for change, giving you a unique view into your client’s mindset.

    What if I already know my audience's demographics?

    That's a great start, but we're delving into the psychographic side!


    Your Ideal Clients Diary provides insights into the objections, beliefs, and motivations of your audience, offering a depth of understanding that goes beyond demographics, ensuring your content remains relevant and resonant.

    Worried about sustaining the momentum?

    Your Ideal Clients Diary isn’t just a one-time read.


    With the 7 stages of the diary it becomes a resource you can return to, helping you keep the connection with your audience strong and your content impactful over the long run.


    This helps you understand their journey and meet them

    where they are at!

    Nicole's Video Testimony

    I went to Nicole's to talk about how to use her Ideal Client's Diary for understanding

    her audience and this is Nicole's words about relating to the diary.

    I can understand their feelings and their journey better because the

    diary keeps my own experiences fresh in my mind.

    Now, when I talk to my customers, I can truly relate to them. 

    I know what it's like to be in their shoes again, and that makes all the difference. 

    The diary helps me be not just a business owner but someone who genuinely understands and

    remembers what it’s like to be where they are now!

    Unlock Insights HERE!

    Have You Wished – You could have a magical lens revealing the intimate desires and needs of your audience, sculpting content that resonates on a soul-deep level, turning each content creation into a feast of potential...

    nourishing both you and your audience with deep understanding and mutual growth.

    With Ideal Client's Diary filled with 27 touch points valued at £2,100, this wish is

    no longer a distant dream. 

    Discover Your Ideal Client’s Hidden Words…

    So You Can Craft Content that Resonates and Reverberates!

    Dive into the minds and hearts of your audience, creating connections that are both profound and enduring, available now for a short time for only £297!

    You will receive the first draft within 3 days and here’s what comes with it…

    - Unlimited Rewrites of the first entry for precision and integrity.

    - Access to Nine Ideology Content Frameworks, including Self-Identifying, Thought Reversal, and Thought Leader, valued at £1,000.

    - Basic Training for a solid start, valued at £100.


    - Extra Diary with a different angle/perspective, valued at £2,100.

    Total value of £5,300, all yours for just £297!

    Transform Your Approach, even If you find yourself feeling drowned in content choices and strategies?

    We simplify!,

    Guiding you to craft content that not only stands out but also speaks deeply to your audience 

    Your Ideal Clients Diary is your compass, your secret passageway to a realm of unparalleled understanding and resonance. 

    With every post, blog, podcast you’re not just making content; you’re building strong connections. 


    It becomes a chance for you and your audience to

    grow and understand each other better."

    Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction!

    We're confident in the Diary's ability to understand your audience on a deeper level…

    That's why, after you receive the first entry, if you don't feel it’s right for you, you can ask for a full refund.

    Even after the rewrites!

    However, once you get all 7 entries, refunds aren't available because the insights you gain

    can't be taken back

    We believe in your Ideal Client's Diary and want to ensure you're fully satisfied!

    Extra Goodies Just for You!

    Order Your Ideal Clients Diary today, and you’ll also receive..:

    - Monthly LIVE Q&A/Training starting January 2024, valued at £1,000 per year.

    - New Copywriting Chrome Extension – priceless!

    - Chance to Get a FREE Copy of $100M LEADS: How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff by Alex Hormozi.

    All these extras make your journey into understanding and attracting your ideal client even more exciting and rewarding as we put the Diary into action with AI.

    Uncover Hidden Client Insights!

    Every story in the Diary is a step closer to the heart of your audience. 

    By understanding their story, you can write your own success. 

    Don't wait any longer; seize the opportunity to deepen your connection. 

    Click above to get your Ideal Client’s Diary now and embark on a insightful journey!

    Help Create The Next Chapter of Your Ideal Client’s Life!

    The Passion Behind the Pages…!

    Hey there!

    I'm Leigh Valentine, and my mission is to bridge the gap between businesses and their ideal clients.

    I know the struggle firsthand, trying to truly understand what your audience wants and needs can be a real challenge.

    Let's face it: Many businesses out there are in the same boat. They often find it hard to truly get into the minds of their ideal clients, leaving them guessing.

    That's where my journey comes in…

    It led me to the discovery of the Diary, an invaluable tool that changed the game.

    By diving deep into the lives and minds of my ideal client, I realised the power of the stories they tell themselves. 

    It's all about truly understanding them, their problems, and how my solution can make a difference.

    Now, I'm on a mission to share this game-changing diary with you. 

    Together, we can transform the way you communicate, connect, and thrive.

    "Like I said at the beginning…

    Your Ideal Clients Diary is the heartbeat in content creation and your roadmap to truly understanding and resonating with your audience. 

    It’s not just about gaining insights; it’s about transforming them into meaningful connections with impactful content. 

    This is your gateway to speaking your audience's language and making a real difference. 

    Together, let’s turn understanding into action and make every word count!"

    Discover Hidden Stories!