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  • AI Direct Response Beta Program

  • Now Chat GPT is good but wait until you see what we have done with AI...

    A Direct Response Copywriting Powerhouse fully loaded specifically with your Ideal Clients Psychographics for resonating content.

    Phase One is Done!

    We create bespoke training data client profiles that are infused with AI to create relevant messaging to your audience.

    As you can see above, we also have the AI software ready which means you get to use it for creating compelling & resonating content.

    Plus 30 AI Agents to use for direct response messaging, from SEO, Offer Craftsman, Brand Site, Images, Webinars, with workflows coming soon...

    Phase Two

    Sales Circuit: From funnels, blogs, sell, mail and member Plus more.

    All you need for a direct response sales system with an AI copywriter filled specifically with your clients psychographics. to use for your messaging.


    Join The Beta!

    Join us on a pioneering journey to inspire your marketing strategy with AI.

    Our beta program is meticulously crafted to empower you with the skills, insights, and tools needed to elevate your content game. Below is a sneak peek into the first 3 modules we'll be diving into:

      Unlocking AI’s True Potential

      Explores why conventional AI writing tools miss the mark. You’ll understand how to harness AI powerfully, steering clear of usual traps and creating content that is truly impactful.

      Your Ideal Client’s Heartbeat

      We go beyond basic demographics with our "Ideal Clients Diary." We offer a window into the depths of your audience's needs and aspirations to give AI direction.

      The Art of Prompt-Free (Almost)

      A system where content creation is simplified, free from the constraints of complex prompt engineering. Generating content that connects and converts with greater efficiency.

    Starts 17th June 2024

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